How to Hypnotize Yourself Using Hypnosis Scripts

How to Hypnotize Yourself Using Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnosis is a proven tool for helping clients significantly alter habits and behaviors. A well-trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist brings a client into a light trance. Using visualization techniques and/or precise suggestions, the hypnotist lays the groundwork for the client to make specific behavioral changes.

The hypnotist’s job is to offer positive affirmations to the client, once the client is in a state of receptivity.

It is important to note that repetition is helpful, as habits often require a period of time in which to transform. So while it would be wonderful to magically remove in one session, any habits or behaviors we would like to change, it is more likely that a series of sessions would be more effective for creating long-term change.


Creating change through self hypnosis and scripts

Individuals can create a self-induced trance and use autosuggestion to make desired changes or to reach specific desired goals. This can be accomplished through self hypnosis. (See Self Hypnosis: A “How to” Primer)

Hypnosis scripts provide a general guideline for altering a specific situation or issue. Fortunately today, with the growing popularity of hypnosis as a tool for transformation, many scripts dealing with any number of issues can be found on the internet simply by conducting a search on “Self Hypnosis Scripts.”


What is a hypnosis script?

Hypnosis scripts act as an outline. Point-by-point, the script leads you through simple statements designed to speak to your subconscious where the desired change needs to anchor to take hold in your outer life.

Hypnosis scripts are usually written to target a specific goal, problem or issue. Professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists will often write these scripts for the express purpose of helping clients eliminate negative habits, thought patterns and emotions. The script serves as a guide and means of customizing any behavior or belief for self-improvement and change.


Repetition enforces behavior change

Downloading one of these scripts and then reading the script into a personal recording device will provide a structure for the autosuggestion part of your self hypnosis. Use this recording consistently. Remember, repetition enhances the likelihood of long-term behavior change.

Be sure to choose a script that you can believe in. If you do not trust and believe in the power of the script you’re reading, it is likely that your subconscious mind will refuse to accept your autosuggestions. Remember also, the importance of a positive attitude, as the more positive your attitude, the more likely your autosuggestions will take hold.

Consider utilizing a professional hypnotist to get started. A well-trained hypnotist can take you through the process of achieving a trance state. Once you have experienced how it feels to be hypnotized, you may find it much easier to learn how to hypnotize yourself. You will then have the foundation to conduct follow-up sessions with yourself, using your own hypnosis scripts.